15 May 2012


Thing is (with a hazy associative mind), that music goes hand in hand with art, with fashion, with dance, with words and colors and scents...
like this zesty one.
Juan Sánchez Cotán, "Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumber"
Gustave Courbet, "Still life"
Henri Matisse, "Still life with oranges"
 Henri Matisse, "A vase with oranges"
Damien Hirst, "In and Out of Love" detail
Magdalena Velevska  spring summer 2012-3
Angelin Preljocaj,  “Les 4 Saisons …"
Angelin Preljocaj,  “Les 4 Saisons …"
Stella McCartney spring 2011 citrus prints
Stella McCartney spring 2011 citrus prints
Stella McCartney spring 2011 ad campaign
From left: Jason Wu; Givenchy; Stella McCartney
Apollina's citrus cake
The man repeller wears it well
some lemonade
Strathcona socks

*When I was in high school I took a plastic tablecloth with this lemony print, just like McCartney's one, and made notebooks covers with it (Trendsetter?).

7 May 2012


I have flamingos and palm trees printed on my shorts, that's a good way to deal with an insistent Sunday, I guess (That and a three hours dance class to start my day). And I'm listening to this song repeatedly after Apparat ended his set on Friday night with it. Kinda juvenile of me I know..Ah well.

8 Apr 2012


Once again, a remarkably beautiful video ad campaign for Vanessa Bruno.
I actually wore a Vanessa Bruno playsuit today since the temperatures are rising here in Tel aviv. Summer is sneaking in... Hurray.

10 Feb 2012

Staying up

For my final project. Lots of work. But this helps me wake up

31 Jan 2012

This morning's song

Walkabout (Feat. Noah Lennox) by Atlas Sound on Grooveshark

28 Jan 2012

Current girl crush: Natalie Joos

Actually, I am lying. Natalie Joos from Tales of Endearment has been my girl crush for months now. But since I 'm trying to be a better blogger from time to time (or like today, as I am waiting for my clay model to dry up so I can use it to form a cast and wood model- yup final year at architecture studies..)- I will reveal my crush and share this inspiring talent to those who haven't added her blog to their favorites yet.
Not only does she take great pictures, but she also meets really cool people in really cool places and has a great eye for their own personal style and personalities. When she is photographed herself (always by great photographers too) she has the most effortless yet well put together stylish vibe going on. I really admire how she sees the unique individuality in people's apartments, cloths and habits- and that all comes across in her fun and beautiful blog. Oh. She is also the coolest girl around with a wardrobe I'd borrow in a heartbeat.

Everything about these images (that were almost randomly chosen since her blog is a never ending inspiration source) just screams (in a fun gentle way) passion, love, individuality.

22 Jan 2012

Body and soul

New year resolution #1
Make more time for fun and good stuff.

16 Dec 2011


Acne resort 2012. Yes please.

World's worst blogger.

13 Nov 2011

Back in town

I think my heart is suffering some serious jet lag.